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New York, NY | Los Angeles, CA

Lauren moved to New York City when they were a 20 year old fetus. They graduated a year early from a program in audio-radio production (that Lauren was enrolled in via a clerical error), and was attaining the final six degree credits needed via an internship at the antique television program Total Request Live in a small quiet place known as “Times Square.” That began a quick but efficient pivot into the world of television and film, and Lauren never looked back, except to judge decisions that landed them on the crew of Teen Mom 2. Lauren then emancipated themself from the adolescent motherhood franchise for a role at CollegeHumor a decade ago, and has since been on a long ride of producing comedy for the internet (Conde Nast, Reddit, Conaco), as well as the small screen (Louie, Baskets, Younger), and live comedy shows galore. Lauren runs their own production company that services clients around the world and in NY and LA. Wayward Three was launched as a mission-based creative studio that develops shows and films from marginalized creators, and flips the demographics reported by WGA/DGA/PGA/...all GAs of relevance as reflected on the call sheets and the credits. Lauren has been told since Catholic grade school that they may be a great cult leader one day, but has since settled for the SCORP life instead.

L A U R E N  B E N N E T T


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